Wrinkle Rewind Review

Wrinkle RewindSo much money is splashed on surgeries etc but the results are never guaranteed and sometimes horrifying! Courtesy – botched up jobs or painful injections. That’s why I prefer anti aging creams. Today I am writing on Wrinkle Rewind.

Read to know why it can work for you too.

About it…

It is an anti aging cream with tub packaging and promises to contain natural collagen boosters and peptide repairing ingredients. It claims to provide easy and fast anti wrinkle results and labels itself as a healthy and natural alternative to surgery and Botox.

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Wrinkle Rewind Ingredients

Thought the label doesn’t make any ingredients clear but it hints on using peptide repairing natural ingredients that also boost collagen and moisturize skin.

How Does Wrinkle Rewind Work?

  • The emollient ingredients of the cream help in locking in moisture
  • The cream heals dry skin and boosts natural collagen production
  • It helps in repairing the skin cells and supplies peptides that keep the skin moist and inhibit it from drying
  • With these effects, it fades wrinkles and with its moisturizing ability, it also prevents formation of new wrinkles
  • Antioxidants inhibit free radical cells and rejuvenate the skin

How to Use this Cream?

  • Cleanse your face using a cleanser suitable to your skin type
  • Apply pea sized amount of cream and allow your skin to absorb it

Note – You can use the cream with and without makeup as it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation or side effects (Source: personal experience).

What Results to Expect?Wrinkle Rewind where to buy

  • Waning wrinkle visibility
  • Soft skin and glowing face

My Experience!

I have a sensitive skin that breaks out often so I was pretty wary of this. On a friend’s suggestion, I gave it a shot. I used it for 30 days with complete makeup and sometimes with mere foundation and concealer. Sometimes, I even used it as the only facial cream (when at home). During this period, I didn’t have any side effects and my smile wrinkles faded. My fine lines grew literally invisible and skin now feels much plumper and softer.


  • No side effects
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Easy application and can be used with makeup
  • Double action formula – moisturizer and anti aging
  • Easy availability
  • Though it comes with tub packaging but the lid is pretty tight thus travel friendly
  • Manufacturing is done in licensed labs


Side Effects?

None, that I found. Its a pretty good alternative for botox and other expensive and scary methods.

What I Did Not Like?

The tub packaging (spray and tubes are just personal preference)


Where to Buy this Wrinkle Reducer?

Wrinkle Rewind trial can be ordered online at its official website. So claim your pack online.

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